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Venus conjunct Pluto: A Gothic Romance

November 29, 2016 Susannah Meel 4 Comments

The conjunction is perhaps the closest imitation due to the closeness of the planets in such an aspect. And it can go either way – this energy can be stressful or manageable. I say manageable because whatever aspect there is between Venus and Pluto, this placement is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

If you, dear reader, have Venus-Pluto in your natal chart, let me ask you this – have you ever experienced so much heartbreak in your life that you could write a novel about it? I bet you have. And the novel would probably sell too.

If we take a look at some old classical literature and especially gothic romance novels, you’ll find plenty of stories about Venus-Pluto relationships. One of the best examples that comes to mind is Cathy and Heathcliff in the famous novel “Wuthering Heights” written by Emily Brontë. Death is a usual theme with Venus-Pluto. And it doesn’t always have to be death in the literal sense, but also a transformation of sorts, whether it’s for the good or bad. In any way, it changes you for sure. Often in the most heartbreaking way.

Heartbreak, and a sensual interest in the opposite sex, finds its way early into the life of a Venus-Pluto native. These people are sexual and very much into exploring those feelings via physical touch. The conflict that naturally comes with this placement is tied to the fundamental needs of each planet. Venus is pleasure and beauty. It seeks appreciation. It wants to love and be loved. But Pluto? Pluto is the death of all things. And it seeks to transform. It also feels secure by being in control. Venus doesn’t particularly like control, and so it feels restrained by Pluto’s dark shadow (though not as badly as it would with Saturn). See the contrast? Yet Venus is amused by Pluto, and that is why this combination is also very attractive to others. Venus-Pluto is like a potion of seduction.

Venus is afraid of the “death” that Pluto brings, it’s threatened by it. So one can imagine an individual with this placement might carry a lot of inner fear when it comes to experiencing love. Still, they usually go all the way with someone in order to experience the traumatic life and death of love. Pluto, unlike Venus, is a planet of ultimatums and thus wants an “all or nothing” type of love. The Venus-Pluto person won’t easily entrust their heart to you unless they know that on some level you feel the same way about them. They thrive in reciprocal love. Unrequited love, on the other hand, is a nightmare to these people, and they will try to avoid falling into that trap like the plague.

Pluto is ironic in that it has a tendency to put an end to things yet it wants to escape impermanence as a result of knowing all too well that something just might drastically change at some point in time. Pluto’s torment is that it wants an everlasting thing but Pluto’s very own nature defies it. And again, ironically, it is exactly that fear that drives them away from true love. And therefore it is not a very rare sight to see Venus-Pluto natives go through cycles of destructive love patterns. Patterns that won’t stop until a rebirth of the self is accepted. Venus-Pluto people eventually emerge from the darkness with a completely new outlook on things. They are born survivors in the battles of love.

These experiences can leave a certain scar in their passionate hearts. But with time, patience and some spiritual evolution, they are able to overcome even that, especially when they come across a person who understands their core. Who accepts them as they are – a beautiful dance of light and shadow.

And lastly, but also most importantly, if you are a Venus-Pluto native, then be gentle on yourself. Give yourself a little compassionate pat on the shoulder – at least you get to experience the most intense bonds on this planet. You are an irresistible embodiment of sultriness, and you will be transformed (Pluto) through love (Venus).

*This article is about the following placements: Venus conjunct Pluto, Venus trine Pluto, Venus sextile Pluto, Venus quincunx Pluto, Venus opposite Pluto, Venus square Pluto.


  • Catherine B December 28, 2020 at 7:47 AM

    Maybe I will write that book after all, thanks! I’m painfully Plutonian and fully loaded w/ 8th house Jupiter aspects. I try to be chill tho.

  • Judith November 27, 2020 at 5:07 AM

    Hi there and thank you! I have Venus RX conjunct Pluto 4h Leo.
    It’s been one hell of a ride.😳😊

  • Stephanie Anna May 24, 2019 at 9:04 PM

    Hello! Thank you for the beautiful article. I have Venus/Pluto conjunct in 3rd House Scorpio. Any more insights you can provide? I am moving to a SF Bay Area soon which is under my natal Pluto/Venus planetary lines. Do you think I will be presented with opportunities to heal the challenging aspects of this natal aspect?

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