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The Scorpio Moon World

September 26, 2016 Susannah Meel No Comments

The inner lives of Scorpio Moons can be so intense that they take being human to a whole new level. In the Scorpio Moon world, it is typically all or nothing. They do not fear life but rather the end of all it has to offer. And this is why they are often fascinated with death and the afterlife. They want to be emotionally prepared for anything that could come their way, even the inevitable impermanence of life itself. It’s almost like they want to evade separation from loved ones and everyone they hold dear for as long as they can. Scorpio Moons become so deeply attached that being prepared gives them the emotional security that they need.

The beauty and tragedy of Scorpio Moons lies in how tormented they can be by bits of hidden information that they pick up from others. They’ll observe you in their daily lives as they don’t need words to understand you – they can simply see you with all your flaws and virtues. But they won’t always be verbally expressive about it because it’s a water sign, and their depths are dark and murky. Even the smallest stone sends a ripple. If you cross paths with one of them – beware – as their senses are abnormally strong. Some Scorpio Moons know abandonment, betrayal and survival all too well, and so they usually stand on guard with their x-ray eyes.

“What hath night to do with sleep?” ~ John Milton

The darker types of this placement seem to thrive in taboo and controversy by challenging the world and the standards of society (e.g. Miley Cyrus). However, make no mistake – Scorpio Moons would rather conceal their true nature than bare all the layers of their soul open to the world. To claim that one knows a Scorpio Moon inside-out would really require serious confidence in the fact that the Scorpio Moon has truly let you into their world. Because they often don’t, and if they do – know that you have passed several tests and examinations, some of which you would have know idea about. Sometimes it can be mistaken for arrogance, but in truth it really isn’t, it is just a way for them to make sure that their loyalty and love won’t be for nothing. So what’s the big deal with these Scorpio Moons? Well, in essence, these are just beings that take life very seriously. Each experience transforms them, for the better or worse, depending on how emotionally mature they are. This is the karma of the souls with this Moon sign. Inner transformation is their purpose.

It is also good to keep in mind that Scorpio Moons don’t always carry their hearts on their sleeves (unless the Moon is in the 1st house, in which case their feelings would be much more apparent to others). In most cases they remain in the shadows of mystery, and their true feelings remain locked inside.

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