Jupiter in Sagittarius 2018-2019: May the Truth Set You Free!

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As you may have already heard, Jupiter changed signs quite recently – from Scorpio to Sagittarius.

The 2018-2019 Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces transit will bring a universal wave of popularity and interest in esotericism, magic and witchcraft. Whereas Jupiter in Scorpio dealt with exposing lies and hidden truths, the current transit will pave the way for redemption, new possibilities, exploration and healing.

The collective consciousness of mankind will mostly seek expansion through spirituality. “May the truth set you free” is the motto of 2018 and 2019 – dishonesty will not be tolerated. Even in Greek myth, Zeus (Jupiter) set off to free his siblings and overthrow his father (Saturn). The battle against Saturn, who put up great resistance to losing his power, lasted ten years. And so we may witness the slow downfall and eventual aftermath of those leaders and authorities whose ugly secrets, abuse and lies were exposed when Jupiter was in Scorpio.

However, the square may also indicate illusions and anything that seems out of the ordinary, perhaps even otherworldly… or deceptive. It is easy to lose focus on reality when Neptune and Jupiter make you feel as if though the possibilities are endless.

Overall, the year ahead will be great for philosophers, teachers, astrologers, life coaches, writers, scholars, gurus, publishers, entrepreneurs etc. What might this transit signify for you personally though? Let’s take a brief look at what Jupiter in Sagittarius has in store for each Rising sign individually (using Whole Sign Houses):

Aries Ascendant

 Jupiter falls in the 9th House of the Aries Ascendant. Exploration, preparing and training, learning, experiencing and travelling will be activated by Jupiter’s presence. You may feel an inner urge to seek knowledge, wisdom or higher education. A spiritual and mental broadening of horizons will be typical, as well as the role of faith and belief that is required to follow through with significant actions.

Jupiter’s gift in the 9th House: to see life as a journey.

Taurus Ascendant

Jupiter falls in the 8th House of the Taurus Ascendant. Invisible phenomena and examining the unknown will be activated by Jupiter’s presence. You may feel a strange inner pull towards metamorphic processes in your life, which could eventually cause changes on a fundamental level. Perhaps you’ll develop an intimate bond with someone. However, this may also manifest in a material sense – i.e. inheritance or the benefit of other people’s assets.

Jupiter’s gift in the 8th House: to see beyond the visible.

Gemini Ascendant

Jupiter falls in the 7th House of the Gemini Ascendant. Submergence with other people will be activated by Jupiter’s presence. You may experience the end of your “self” as an individual in uniting with another. This house is where the mind/spirit meet body/matter, so Jupiter’s influence will help you merge with a partner or generally expand your social circle and/or friendships. Marriage, partnerships and business deals are also favored.

Jupiter’s gift in the 7th House: to bond with another.

Cancer Ascendant

Jupiter falls in the 6th House of the Cancer Ascendant. Due to the connection to the Midheaven, matters related to work, public image and career will be activated by Jupiter’s presence. You may feel more productive during this transit as Jupiter brings awards for upholding duties. If you have been struggling with an illness or injury, Jupiter should bring recovery and aid you in maintaining your health. Your role at work might also expand or you’ll receive more benefits and bonuses, and perhaps even receive an offer for a higher position. However, as Jupiter has a tendency to blow things out of proportion, make sure you don’t take on too many job tasks and responsibilities.

Jupiter’s gift in the 6th House: to finally see hard work and effort pay off.

Leo Ascendant 

Jupiter falls in the 5th House of the Leo Ascendant. Pleasure, recreation, entertainment, leisure, artistic expression, creativity and fertility will be activated by Jupiter’s presence. You may feel the raging thunder of desire, the component of heat and passion in sexual encounters and generally experience the thrill of a little danger and fun. What you create and generate, and what you give, will be of karmic significance between 2018- 2019.

Jupiter’s gift in the 5th House: to witness your creation(s) come to life.

Virgo Ascendant

Jupiter falls in the 4th House of the Virgo Ascendant. Topics concerning your roots, home, childhood and ancestry will be activated by Jupiter’s presence. You may experience an expansion of personal spaces (such as the building of a new house) or a deeper inner need for comfort, relaxation and tranquility in your private life. Your notion of “home” might also undergo change – perhaps you’ll either find yourself more attached to your homeland or, on the contrary, become more interested in exploring other places. “Home is where the heart is.”

Jupiter’s gift in the 4th House: to find one’s roots and to belong.

Libra Ascendant

Jupiter falls in the 3rd House of the Libra Ascendant. Matters concerning people and places before/adjacent to your origins and home, parents and siblings, neighborhood and close friends will be activated by Jupiter’s presence. Short-distance travel might occur, and you’ll likely find yourself more social and communicative at this time. Jupiter favors writing, blogging, social media marketing and publishing in this house. You may also feel an inner urge to change directions and seek out new, albeit short-term, options. Perhaps a temporary relocation or change of environment. Either way, there will be a lot of movement – both mental and physical.

Jupiter’s gift in the 3rd House: to benefit from variety.

Scorpio Ascendant

Jupiter falls in the 2nd House of the Scorpio Ascendant. Matters concerning possessions, ownership, material objects and close friends will be activated by Jupiter’s presence. Your values – in both a material and personal sense – will probably broaden, and possibly whatever you legally own will take on more significance as well since it is the house that is opposite the 8th. This house is also concerned with an individual’s physical constitution and well-being, so perhaps Jupiter will help you reach a better and more positive  sense of well-being. Likely accumulation of new material possessions.

Jupiter’s gift in the 2nd House: to reach a new level of clarity in regards to material and personal values.

Sagittarius Ascendant

Jupiter falls in the 1st House of the Sagittarius Ascendant. Personal growth and the capacity for wisdom will be activated by Jupiter’s presence. Your overall identity, appearance and vitality will be enhanced by Jupiter, and new beginnings might emerge. If you’ve been held back for any reason, felt depressed for a long period of time or simply stayed behind the scenes with minimal outside interaction or recognition, then now is the perfect time to rise up and approach the world with a positive outlook. Self-expression is favored as it will be hard not to notice you with strength of Jupiter in your corner.

Jupiter’s gift in the 1st House: to have faith in yourself and your abilities.

 Capricorn Ascendant

Jupiter falls in the 12th House of the Capricorn Ascendant. Transitions between forms and realms, creativity, spirituality, fantasy and solitude will be activated by Jupiter’s presence. You may feel an inner calling towards withdrawal from the daily grind of life. You might encounter mystical or transcendent experiences or spend time in secluded/meditative places (such as monasteries, hospitals, near the sea or a body of water or maybe a foreign land/remote area). Pay special attention to sleep and the world of dreams and other dimensions. Perhaps you’ll even come across a “guru” of some sort, an expert, or stumble upon karmic life lessons taught by teachers, enemies, priests, professors, distant ancestors etc. Be extra cautious and mindful of your speech as Jupiter in the 12th house could also expose personal secrets and sensitive information.

Jupiter’s gift in the 12th House: to help you cope with the impalpable aspects of life, and to realize that you’re ultimately one with all of existence.

Aquarius Ascendant

Jupiter falls in the 11th House of the Aquarius Ascendant. Conditions and consequences of actions you take (whether positive or negative), and what you receive as a result of what you’ve done, will be especially highlighted by Jupiter’s presence here. This house is therefore strongly related to karma. Friends, networks, connections, coworkers (in a professional context) might expand. You may find yourself gravitating towards several groups or collectives, and you may benefit from these connections with people by acquiring wealth or luck through them (depending on your karma). You might also enjoy more honour, esteem and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Jupiter’s gift in the 11th House: to rejoice in the abundance of alliances.

Pisces Ascendant

Jupiter falls in the 10th House of the Pisces Ascendant. This is where the Sun peaks reaching its greatest height, and so this mirrors the height of your public life where the will of your mind and spirit make an impact in the visible world. The 10th House is a place of career, action, authority and reputation. Jupiter could help you achieve and execute power with boldness, courage and daring. However, keep in mind that it might be risky once you reach the top, as you can become vulnerable when you are too visible.

Jupiter’s gift in the 10th House: to fulfill your dreams.

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