child of hades and persephone

Child of Hades & Persephone

February 2, 2018 Susannah Meel 2 Comments

This was a world where vile creatures came to roost. Even her mother, always so brave, wouldn’t dare utter its name. This was a world where the snow fell black. Over time, she came to the realization she was no longer made of substance, but something more like a shadow.. Who was she?

“Mother, tell me again, how was I born?”

The mother sighed and began the story.

“With the abduction of Persephone… me. I was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, the Goddess of Harvest and Fertility. When Hades, the God of the Underworld, laid his eyes upon me he fell in love and wanted to marry me. My mother, Demeter, did not allow it. You see.. my mother was very protective of me. Obsessed almost. She kept all the men away from me.

Hades was my most persisting suitor. And from what I had heard he lived in the dark, among the shadows of the dead.

When me and Hades met, there were no words that could save me. We were caught, defenseless, in each other’s arms. He told me that my presence had softened his heart. That he was amazed by my youth, beauty and freshness.

It happened on the day when I was playing and picking flowers along with my friends in a valley. I beheld the most enchanting narcissus I had ever seen. And as I stooped down to pick the flower.. the earth beneath my feet suddenly cleaved open and through the gap Hades himself came out on his chariot with black horses. He grabbed me before I could scream for help. And together we descended into his underworld kingdom while the gap in the earth closed after us.

The other girls had not seen anything because everything happened very quickly. They didn’t have a clue for my sudden disappearance. The whole incident, however, had been witnessed by my father Zeus, as well as by Helios, God of the Sun. Zeus decided to keep silent about the whole thing to prevent a fight with Hades while Helios wisely thought it better not to get involved in anything that didn’t concern him. My distraught and heartbroken mother wandered the earth looking for me until her good friend Hecate, Goddess of Wilderness and Childbirth, advised her to seek for the help of Helios, the All-Seeing Sun God, in order to find me. Helios felt sorry for my mother, who was crying and pleading him to help her. Thus he revealed to her that I had been kidnapped by Hades. When she heard that, my mother got angry and wanted to take revenge but Helios suggested that it was not such a bad thing for me to be the wife of Hades and be the Queen of the Dead.

Despite Helios’ advice, my mother decided to take a long and indefinite leave from her duties as the Goddess of Harvest and Fertility, with devastating consequences. The earth began to dry up, harvests failed, plants lost their fruitfulness, animals were dying for lack of food and famine spread to the whole earth, resulting in untold misery.

The cries of the people who were suffering reached Olympus and the divine ears of my father Zeus. The mighty god finally realized that if he wouldn’t do something about his wife’s wrath, all humanity would disappear. Thus he tried to find another solution to both calm my mother and please Hades. He promised her to restore me to her if it can be proved I am staying with Hades against my will. Otherwise, I would belong to my husband.

Your crafty father, Hades, learned this agreement and tricked me. I was crying all day and night from despair, to eat a few seeds of the pomegranate fruit. This was the food of the Underworld and every time someone ate even a few seeds of this, then, after a while, that someone would long for life in the Underworld. When the gathering in front of Zeus took place and I was asked where I would like to live, I answered that I wanted to live with my husband. When my mother heard that, she got infuriated and accused Hades that somehow he had tricked me.

A great fight followed and my mother threatened that she would never again make the earth fertile and everyone on Earth would die. To put an end on this quarrel, Zeus decided that I would spend half months with my husband and half months with my mother on Olympus. This alternative pleased none of the two opponents, nevertheless they had no other option but to accept it.

The tree from which all life flows is built upon the bones of the dead, my dear Scorpio Moon child. You were born in a world where the Moon is brighter than the Sun.”

Persephone’s daughter stood at the bank, watching the river catch fire. “I cannot think about life nor love, unless I think about death simultaneously. The moment we draw our first breath, is the moment we become closer to death. Birth is our path to the grave.

As I walk down the road of life, I see the shadows surrounding me. The spirits of those who could not cross the river Styx, the river that forms the boundary between Earth and the Underworld, between Hades and the world of ‘living’. But I know, isolated in my own perception, that ‘the living’ are not more alive than us, ‘the dead’. I gaze at the eyes of Death and I am not afraid because it’s just the line that humans can not cross without the fear of repercussion. But fear is the word I don’t understand. What are you, living humans, afraid of? I learned, growing up, that human beings are afraid of pain. But pain is catharsis, how can you ever feel ‘alive’ if you never experienced pain and suffering? It rips your heart out, it can make you bleed, and when you lose blood, you lose your life. But if that’s the truth, how come I’m still breathing? And I am. I’m breathing and I’m living. There is no joy, no passion that does not hurt. You cannot go through life without a scar. If I die then I am simply reborn. I am the Phoenix, the Truth and the Death of Life. I am the child of Hades, the Lord of Shadows, the Serpent of Rebirth. I am the child of Persephone, Queen of the Dead. I do not fear persecution neither from the gods nor humans.”




This creative piece of writing is my tribute to Scorpio Moons and their intensity; a re-telling of the Greek astromythology that surrounds Pluto (Hades), the modern ruler of this Moon sign.



  • Jennifer April 26, 2020 at 7:09 PM

    I have a Cap sun with Taurus moon opposing a Scorpio Mars/Pluto conjunction. When I read “You were born in a world where the moon is brighter than the sun” I had to read it again bc I viscerally felt my shoulders relax as if those words were home. Beautifully written, thank you 🙏🏻

  • Michael September 27, 2018 at 10:23 AM

    I love your story, very beautiful and well-written, especially the last six sentences! I like it very much!

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