Descended from a Siberian family lineage of female folk healers, Susannah was born a Mercurial Thursday’s child (day of Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and fortune) and a hereditary witch in the restless coastal town of Tallinn. As a long-term member of the Estonian Tibetan Buddhist Center, her practice is uniquely curated from a Buddhist perspective. She finds inspiration from the fact that astrology has been part of Buddhism since the time Lord Buddha Shakyamuni first taught the Kālacakra (Wheel of Time) 2,500 years ago. Having traveled to India and Ladakh many times over the years, she has fond memories of Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayas where she attended precious dharma teachings by various notable teachers such as the Dalai Lama. In addition to Buddhist philosophy, Susannah also draws inspiration from the archaic folklore, rich culture and old pagan traditions of her native homeland in the Baltic region, known for being the last pagan nation of Europe.

Susannah has received higher education in Anthropology, Archaeology, Asian Studies and the Sanskrit language at Tallinn University. Although she practically grew up with astrology, she has also studied at the Estonian Institute of Astrology under Estonia’s most established astrologer Taimi Uuesoo, completing a diploma in 2016. She sees herself as an eclectic astrologer, utilizing the knowledge and techniques of Hellenistic, Vedic, Tibetan and Avestan astrology. Other interests include the arts, writing, music, Baltic folk dance, ancient history and metaphysics. Susannah is now part of the Cosmic Intelligence Agency, one of the largest international astrological organizations, where she is known as a writer and contributor under the pseudonym Agent 80.

The inspiration behind her brand – Astro Kitty – is her lovely pet, a black cat named Niffi.