The 5 Wisdom Buddhas are emanations and representations of the five qualities of the Adi-Buddha or the “primordial Buddha”. They are aspects of the “dharma-body”, which embodies the principle of enlightenment in Buddhism. Click HERE to find out which one you are!

Susannah Meel

Susannah Meel is a professional astrologer, Tarot reader & entrepreneur from the Baltic States with over 15 years of experience reading Tarot and a lifetime of studying astrology. Certification and diploma from the Estonian Institute of Astrology (EIA). BA in Anthropology, Archaeology, Asian Studies & the Sanskrit language. Buddhist practitioner, Baltic folk dancer, coffee addict & animal lover. Agent 80 at the Cosmic Intelligence Agency. Currently taking additional Sanskrit courses at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies. Read More


Sun in Aries
Moon in Libra
6 degrees
Full Moon
Full Moon
15 days old