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Pluto in the 1st House: Transformation of the Self

By on September 17, 2016

Astro Kitty Pluto 1st House

PHYSIQUE: slender, dark expression, angular face, strong cheekbones, thick arched eyebrows, striking nose, almond-shaped eyes, short limbs

With a keen and glistening expression in your Pluto 1st House eyes, you experience the world in all its beauty and sorrow.

Much to your dismay, you unconsciously bring out the best or worst in people simply by your provocative and intimidating presence. Your own awareness of that fact often makes you stick to a rather reserved demeanor in order to avoid those subtle and uncomfortable misunderstandings. When tensions arise, your survival instinct and nerves of steel help you function as if nothing could ever bring you down. You are able to cover up your inner turmoil and pain in such a way that you appear mysteriously aloof to others.

Your external self always reflects your current emotional state in life. You project your sense of style and identity unto the world through a dark and realistic filter in shades of black, maroon and navy blue. Ever-changing and never the same, your identity goes through endless self-destructive episodes and transformations in life, hand-in-hand with your outward appearance. People from the past are often unable to recognize your present self – it is as if your previous selves completely ceased to exist the moment your new identity emerged.

“Those with Pluto in the 1st will periodically orchestrate sweeping changes in their lifestyle.” ~ Howard Sasportas


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