Susannah Meel, the founder of Astro Kitty, is a professional astrologer, entrepreneur, Tarot reader and spiritual life coach from Estonia. As a long-term member of the Estonian Drikung Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist Center, her practice is uniquely curated from a Buddhist perspective. She finds inspiration from the fact that astrology has been a part of Buddhism since the time Lord Buddha Shakyamuni first taught the Kālacakra 2,500 years ago. Aside from astrology & Tarot, Susannah is also passionate about writing, blogging, art and graphic design. She graduated from an art high school in 2007 and thereafter went on to receive higher education in Asian Studies and Sanskrit language at Tallinn University. She is now part of the Cosmic Intelligence Agency, one of the largest international astrological organizations, where she is known as a writer and contributor under the name Agent 80.


To honour your time, I will give you a brief introduction to my background and the services I offer.

I started reading about astrology and Tarot since early childhood, so I have been self-taught for most of my life. Much of my knowledge has also come from direct experience.
2016 was the year that I finally took up formal studies by joining diploma courses at the Estonian Institute of Astrology under Estonia’s most established astrologer Taimi Uuesoo. I received my certification in 2017 after having presented my analysis of the Dalai Lama’s birth chart. From then on I have been practicing both Tarot & astrology professionally.
However, my social media presence had already begun years ago when I first created my “It’s a Scorpio Moon Thing” Facebook page and group where I shared many of my original astrological musings. It gradually grew into a lovely online community and led me to where I am today as an astrologer and entrepreneur. I feel that I owe much of my success to the supportive members of the community.

Currently my main focus is on writing and giving readings, but I am also hoping to publish books someday, teach astrology, offer courses, free resources and tutorials as well as guidance and business coaching to aspiring entrepreneurs in how to set up their very own online business, blog or website.

If you’d like to book a reading with me, feel free to have a look at the list of services I offer HERE.

Before you book a reading with me, I feel it’s important to mention that I am an eclectic astrologer (meaning that I draw my knowledge and inspiration from all branches of astrology, especially Western, Hellenistic, Vedic, Tibetan and Avestan) who uses Whole Sign Houses (the original house system), the Tropical zodiac and ancient techniques with modern principles of astrology. I consider myself an eternal student with a progressive vision – always evolving, studying and improving my knowledge and technique.

The real inspiration behind “Astro Kitty”:

Many people have asked me about the meaning and the reason behind my domain name. Let me tell you why I picked “Astro Kitty” – it is actually a name that is inspired by my family pet, a black Bombay cat! Here is a photo of me and him:


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